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VoIP Systems

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a relatively new type of small business phone system that works on your internet connection instead of traditional phone lines.  There are many advantages to VoIP over traditional small business phone systems including:


  • Cheap VoIP phone service

  • A Versatile business VoIP phone system, designed for Small Business

  • Flexible VoIP plans for Small Business

  • Money-back guarantees, for all businesses

  • High Competition between Small Business VoIP Providers


Business Phone System Features


Business VoIP and PBX Systems generally provide some or all of the following features:

·       Voicemail

·       Call Forwarding And Internal Transferring

·       Conference Calling

·       Office Intercom


Business VoIP systems have several features that are not available with traditional PBX phone systems including:


  • Mobility: (Great for sales people and traveling professionals) The ability to use your smartphone as an extension of the office phone system, including the ability to have business calls automatically directed to your cell phone and make outbound calls from your smartphone as your office number.

  • Portability: The ability to use any computer or office phone, as your personal extension.

  • Flexibility: The ability to redesign your phone system (how calls are routed and handled) on the fly by simply logging into your VoIP provider’s dashboard.

  • Just Cool: Having voicemails sent to your email as text messages, find me/follow-me which rings your mobile and home phones as well, video calling, integration with third party applications like CRM, and an e-fax.


VoIP technology has advanced to the point that it’s no longer merely an alternative to landlines. A VoIP system can provide a business features they were never able to achieve with a landline, while also saving money and improving productivity.



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Some of the things you need to know before deciding to go with VOIP Services


Phone Doctor can help you with the daunting task of setting up a small business VoIP system. But first we recommend you to consider some of the following things:


What is your current network capacity: can it handle the increase in data? Can it sustain network flow? Do you have the proper LAN (local area network) setup for VoIP? Without a network, you won't have the infrastructure to use VoIP services. Have your network administrators give your network a check-up or call the Phone Doctors office so we can check this important requirement off the list.


Can your bandwidth handle it? Know the bandwidth available to your small businesses. Each and every business has its own internet needs and requirements. Before you switch to VoIP, you need to make sure your current connection can handle VoIP service alongside your current internet use.


What are your company’s calling habits? How much international calling and long distance do you do? If the answer is a lot, VOIP can help optimize savings.


What type of plan do you need? Do intensive research to find the best VoIP plan for your business. Or Phone Doctor can help you determine what kind of phone system can work for your business.

What features do you need in your equipment? Once we determine your appropriate features and services we can find the right fit for you.


At Phone Doctor we are proud to offer some of the best systems available but we are equally happy to help you out with a thorough on-site consultation so we can help you find your perfect solution. So either you’re moving to a new building or want a completely new system give us a call today.